Site radio test & comparison 2018

Now we come to the second part of our contribution, the construction site radio comparison. It is not a construction site radio test, but a comparison. This was based on the product descriptions (to the right of the product image) and publicly available customer reviews. The products were not tested by us in practice.

At construction site radio comparison, several factors play a role. Of course, primary attention should be paid to robustness. The better the case, the less quickly the radio will damage. Also important is the type of radio – it should be digital and if possible also have a USB or AUX port, everything else does not go with the times. Bluetooth radios we did not include in the comparison.

For makita baustellenradio also of great interest is the power supply: A radio for the construction site should be as variable as possible in this respect, so operate with battery.

Makita, a quality manufacturer in the tool area, offers here with the DMR105, our purchase recommendation, an extremely robust and modern digital radio for construction site operation. In addition, not only the robust housing, but also the look into the future: Makita gives the customers the opportunity to bring the radio up to date by software upgrade. That was the icing on the cake. It is very commendable that Makita is committed to the products even after the purchase. About an AUX input can e.g. Music can also be played by the smartphone (AUX cable not included). Rating: With this site radio you can be sure of the entertainment – more than radio, this model can not.